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We are delighted to report that the village has bought its own Speed Indicator Device (or "flashing sign" to you and me!). This will display how fast drivers are actually going and if they are exceeding the 30 m.p.h. limit, it will flash a "Slow Down" message at the same time. There are 6 separate locations within the village where the sign can be placed and it also has a data capture facility which can be downloaded to show dates, times and speeds, all of which will help the Speedwatch Team to monitor traffic patterns and help plan their monitoring sessions better.

If you would like to join the team and make a real difference, please call Andrew Niven on 01986 784578 or 07535 966908, or email him at: Andrew.Niven1@btinternet.com

The Team's primary function is to record the registration numbers of vehicles travelling at 35 m.p.h. or more, with aid of a speed gun (not a camera!) and to pass this information on to the Police, who at their discretion, will in turn write to registered owners, reminding them of the dangers of excessive speeding and to re-educate drivers on the need to slow down. Second-time offenders will receive a more strongly worded letter, advising them if they are recorded for a third time, by ANY Speedwatch team in the UK, it will result in prosecution, i.e. points on their licence and a fine, often delivered by hand by the Police to the offender's door, which must be very embarrassing.

The other main thrust of the team is to be clearly visible as a reminder to drivers that Bramfield is a Speedwatch village, and that the team could be out any time, any day, and trust that the word will get around.

Junior Speedwatch 1

Bramfield Primary School Junior Road Safety Officers are working to promote road safety. They were invited by P.C Green and Andrew (our local speed watch community officer) to go out on to the A144 (the main road running through Bramfield village) to see how the speed gun works and to use it ourselves. To make sure we were safe when we went out on the roads we had to put on high viz jackets. It was really exciting to be able to hold the speed gun.  By using the speed gun we got to see how fast all the cars driving past were travelling through the village. We all had an amazing time learning about the speed gun and having a go at using it.

The Bramfield Primary School Junior Road Safety Officers would like to remind you to drive safety through the village and keep to the 30mph speed limit.Junior Speedwatch 2